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Please contact us by phone for advice, free price quotes for most of our services, such as towing from and to your choosen destination, your local garage or even our own auto car service center which includes servicing, repair, tuneup, bodyshop and more...

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Our Location:European Service Center 4400 Roswell Rd, Atlanta GA 30342

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  • 24-hour towing assistance

    A family owned and operated towing company that has been offering quality tow truck services with friendly, professional 24-hour service for over 20 years. A1Towing has 32 trucks, so we will show up in 30 minutes or less in most cases, contact us now for assistance.

  • Where do A1Towing cover

    Our towing locations are listed above, we cover up to 20 miles either side of any of the above mentioned cities, regions. Simply call us and we will make sure that you get the best service from us and from one of our affiliated companies in your region.

We’ve been careful in building our network of business partners and customers and see ourselves as an extension of their service. Our drivers are clean cut, uniformed, well informed, well trained and properly equipped.